Contemporary British Dining.

Vibrant, Relaxed Setting.

Adept, Warm Service.



Prawn crackers scotch bonnet jam   2.00

Mumbai mix   2.50

Crispy kale, pork crackling   2.50

Truffle and parmesan potato skin shards   2.50

Barbequed corn, café de paris butter   4.00

Warm marinated olives, focaccia, oven dried tomato, oils   4.00

Salt baked beetroot Humous, sourdough pita   3.50

Small plates

Chicken satay skewers, lime lebneh, poppadum   6.50

Halloumi fries, Chorizo oil, gochujang aioli, crispy shallots   6.50

Soy & honey pork belly, oriental sesame slaw, crispy noodles   6.50

Salt baked beetroot risotto, whipped goat’s cheese   5.00

Korean fried cauliflower, chilli, toasted sesame & spring onion   4.00

Confit duck in plum wine gyoza, soy sauce, miso, wakame   7.50

Crispy squid, coconut, sesame, tequila & lime & chilli jam   7.00

Torched mackerel, radish, pickled beetroot & herb aioli   6.00

Warm feta, pickled carrot, orange salad, honey mustard   5.50

Lancashire Haggis croquettes, Burnt apple puree, pickled apple   5.50

Large Plates

Chorizo & Herb crusted cod, new potato cake, buttered greens, white wine saffron cream   15.00

Pressed cider pork belly, burnt apple, haggis croquette, kale, jus   12.50

Chicken, parma ham, goat’s cheese roulade, pomme anna, local greens, chorizo cream   16.00

Seabass fillet, smoked napoli risotto, feta emulsion   14.00

Baked camembert, Cumberland sausage wheel, breads & oil, red onion marmalade   12.00

200g 6-weeks dry-aged Ribeye/Sirloin, cherry vine tomatoes, grilled breakfast mushroom, House fries.*   20.00/21.00

*Choose from café de paris butter, red wine jus, blue cheese sauce

Encore burger (ask a member of staff for today’s burger)   11.50

Salt & pepper spiced vegetables, red curry, lebneh & rice  12.00

Sourdough Flatbreads

Garlic & rosemary   4.50

Smoked Napoli, chorizo & scotch bonnet oil   5.50

Serrano, brie and grape   6.50

Spinach, feta & balsamic   5.00

Charred vegetables, red curry, lebneh   5.50


Rosemary salted house fries   2.50

Sweet pot fries, crispy shallots, gochujang aioli   3.50

Goats cheese and caramelized onion fries   3.50

Blue cheese sauce, maple bacon, house fries   5.00

Salt and pepper fries   2.50


Rosemary salted house fries   2.50

Sweet pot fries, kimchi, gochujang aioli   3.50

Goats cheese and caramelized onion fries   3.50

Blue cheese sauce, maple bacon, house fries   5.00

Salt and pepper fries   2.50


Banoffee, banana, caramel, Chantilly cream, banana bread   6.50

Matcha meringue, coconut, flowers, fruits of forest sorbet   6.50

Salted caramel panna cotta, encore shortbread   6.50

Vegan pancakes, coconut cream, nectar, almond, berries   6.50

Rhubarb & almond crumble tart, Whitley Neil rhubarb & ginger gin syrup, white chocolate ice cream   6.50

Chocolate espresso pot de crème, biscotti   6.50

Mrs Downson’s Ice cream & sorbet    1 scoop     1.50

Ice Cream – Vanilla, white chocolate, chunky dark chocolate, pistachio, cherry and amaretto, pear drop

Sorbet – Lemon, forest fruit, gin & tonic

Encore Cheese

Choose 3   9.00                            choose 5   13.00

Nicky Nook – Indulgent blue, smooth texture, pale orange hue

Char Coal – Mature cheddar, blended activated charcoal, hint of cayenne

Garstang White – Brie, velvety rind, mushroom and grassy notes

Sykes Fell – Goosnargh sheep’s milk, clean, mellow & sweet

Belton red fox – Vintage red Leicester, firm red, rich, zesty, very moreish

Old Amsterdam – Smooth mature Gouda, deep mellow, caramel & marmite

Brant Fell Reserve – Traditional, strong, buttery Lancashire

Owd Yonner – New 12 month clothbound rich, creamy, Lancashire

Eden Smokie – Intense luxurious creamy, delicate complex smoke

Shipston Blue – Semi-soft, cave aged water, buffalo, milk, full blue

Served with crackers, fresh bread, red onion chutney, pickled apple matchsticks, semi-dehydrated grapes and fresh grapes

 Port & Sticky wine

Taylors 2012 Late bottle vintage port   50ml   3.80

Noval Silval 2005 vintage port   50ml    7.50

Aves del Sur late harvest – Chille  125ml 7.00 50cl bottle 28.00

Encore Glossary

Café de Paris butter – herb & spiced infused butter

Confit – meat roasted slowly in its own fat

Croquette – mashed potato fried in breadcrumbs

Emulsion – cheesy foam sauce

Focaccia – Italian herb bread made with olive oil

Gochujang – Korean smoked chilli paste

Gyoza – thin pastry filled dumplings poached & seared

Jus – a rich red wine sauce

Lebneh – thick tasty yoghurt

Matcha – pure Japanese powdered green tea

Miso – Fermented soy bean paste

Napoli – Italian tomato-based sauce

Pomme anna – Sliced, layered potato baked in butter

Pot de crème – French custard dessert

Satay – Indonesian/Malaysian marinade of spiced peanuts

Serrano – Spanish dry-cured ham

Scotch Bonnet – type of chilli pepper

Sourdough – fermented dough using naturally occurring yeast

Wakame – Edible dried seaweed garnish

Wasabi – Japanese horseradish